Looking for cheap land to build on in Panama?

"Finca Cazador offers a unique affordable opportunity to live a clean organic lifestyle, surrounded by tropical forest splendor high in the mountains of  western Panama, without having to invest time and money in water or electric infrastructure"

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Finca Cazador (once part of a large organic coffee farm) is nestled in the cool mountains of Chiriqui, Panama's northernmost province, and offers organic farming enthusiasts an unparalleled opportunity to live a clean organic life, surrounded by pristine organic tropical forest.

Purchase an individual farm here, build a house on your own private parcel of organic land of 1 to 5 acres, and live in a neighborhood where respect for the organic nature of this land is of the utmost importance.

You could add solar to your place if you wanted to experience off the grid living, but you won't need to invest a dime in infrastructure, as we already have done that for you.

Purchase a previously owned home (one available) on a single acre or up to five acres (see purchase options page), or purchase your own affordable parcel of land, including access to water and electric infrastructure, and have a home built for you by one of the local contractors. 

The options are unlimited for full or part time, on or off-the-grid, green living.
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Long term sustainability

The farm was built with sustainability and personal security in mind. Everything from the strategic location of the farm, to the previously owned "Estate Home" construction, to the redundant infrastructure was planned for sustainability and affordability.

The estate home itself was constructed out of reinforced concrete and steel. Unlike the many gringo owned "casitas" offered for sale, this structure was built as a super efficient and comfortable super-structure, and was designed to withstand tremors and high winds, if that were ever to occur.

Food security is top priority

Whether you are looking for the best place to live permanently, or just get away from it all and live "off the grid" so to speak, for a few weeks a year, this unique affordable organic Panamanian farmland has it all.

The ground here has been fully "revitalized" with natural soil nutrients and is fully planted in organic shade grown coffee, platanos (plantains) and cacao (cocoa). You can grow almost anything here, so your on or off grid retreat or vacation home will sustain life without the use of chemicals of any kind well into the future.

Why is organic soil so important?

Nearly all the available land in Panama, except in a very few places, has been sprayed (often for many generations) with petrochemical based fertilizers and pesticides, in order to maximize crop yields and increase production.

This practice has, in effect, killed off all the beneficial vital nutrients in much of the soil, rendering it worthless without the addition of these toxic substances.

When the time comes that petrochemical additives are either 1) extremely expensive or 2) not available at all, that polluted land will not produce a thing, and will become useless for growing food.

The soil at Finca Cazador has not had a chemical of any kind used on it for over 12 years!

The soil here is black and rich with an aroma that only healthy organic soils can produce, and ensures that you will be able to continue to grow healthy organic fruits and vegetables on your land indefinitely.

That was no accident!

When this farm was purchased 12 years ago, we began a tedious and expensive process of revitalization, using natural organic matter to slowly and gradually rebuild the nutrient content of the soil. In addition, many legumes and other nitrogen supplying plants were added to the soil to further aid in photosynthesis and the nutrient building process. 

In addition, over 300 hardwood trees were added in 2006, and now provide a canopy of much needed shade, a vital component of healthy soil. 

Much of the farmland in Panama, and worldwide, has been clear cut for pasturing of cattle and growing high yield coffee using chemical fertilizers and herbicides.

The result? Damaged, dead packed down soil that is heavily dependent on toxic chemicals to keep plants alive, and to keep pests and fungus away.

At Finca Cazador, we have never used chemicals, so your land will provide you with food security even in the event of a dramatic and sudden price increase, or shortage of oil-based chemicals. 

Several sources for water security

We believe water, a vital resource to sustain life, will be in short supply in many locations in the future. As this is being written, many areas are experiencing record setting droughts. 

Unfortunately, most people are not prepared for water shortages, and will probably not fare well if their supply is interrupted. Of course, growing food also requires water, and because of that world food shortages may also become an issue.

12,000 Gallon Water Holding Tank - Click to Enlarge
Finca Cazador's pristine drinking water is provided by a commercial-grade 140 ft deep fresh water well with a 12,000 gallon ferro-concrete gravity feed storage tank and a 5 HP high performance stainless steel well pump. It delivers 55 gallons of water per minute, as opposed to the municipal water that delivers much, much less.

Even in a power outage, property owners would have water, as it is gravity fed from the water tank, and not reliant on electricity for water delivery. A fairly large creek runs through the middle of the property, and provides ambiance as well as additional water, if needed.

Municipal water is available to all Finca Cazador residents, as a back up, just in case. In addition to these 3 sources of water, a new source is being added this year to provide an additional source for agricultural purposes.

Our private well will provide all Finca Cazador residents ample clean fresh water to drink, bathe in and wash with. The municipal water will be a back up supply to those who wish to have that, and the new unlimited high pressure source from the mountains will be used to ensure abundant water for irrigation.

All property owners would have a co-ownership interest in the water company that serves the community, and a portion of the investment made in your land goes to ensure the maintenance and continued reliability of the water supply.

The perfect location for setting up a comfortable modern sustainable organic farm retreat within one of the best off grid communities in Panama!

There is only one restriction - buyers must maintain the sustainable organic nature of the land.

That means your neighbors think much like you do, and have an interest in keeping the land here clean & green!

Revitalized land means less maintenance and healthier food

Healthy Bio-Diverse Land - Click to Enlarge
Mild temperatures and plenty of rain make growing food easy 

Finca Cazador is situated at an elevation of 3100-3400 feet in the lush hills between Santa Clara and La Union. Based on perma-culture principles of sustainability without using chemicals to fertilize or control pests, this property enjoys ideal conditions for growing healthy organic food.
Safety and security

The entire property, while remaining private and secluded, offers beautiful views of the Panamanian and Costa Rican countryside. Close to just about every supply you would want in a well stocked home, but remote enough to provide privacy and seclusion.

One of the main considerations living in another country is security. Both food and water security, as well as personal security.

Being part of a community of like-minded individuals can provide all members of the community added security for both their persons, but also their personal belongings.

In the event of a disruption of some sort (i.e. electrical grid failure), which can be devastating in an urban setting, living in a relatively poor rural farm community has it's advantages, from a security standpoint. Many people living here in the immediate area already live without the basic conveniences we, in the west, take for granted. 

Most of the indigenous population in the nearby pueblo live quite comfortably without electricity and some do not have running water. If there were to be a major interruption of the electric grid, most of the locals would not be affected by it, and may not even know about it.

Police Station - Click to Enlarge
There is also a sizeable police presence in the nearby town, so there is virtually no crime in this area. You don't really see the police much, but they are there and would respond quickly in an emergency.
Cool Mountain Paradise - Click to Enlarge
Save on energy costs

The temperatures here are very pleasant and cool, similar to a summer in the mountains of Colorado. There are no hurricanes. There are very few earthquakes. And, at this elevation your property would be way out of reach for any rising tide.

Expensive and wasteful heating and cooling systems are not needed at this particular retreat location, because of the altitude and humidity. The weather is perfect year round, and the organic farm here gets plenty of rain. 

The mountainous part of western Panama, in general, and this farm community in particular, have been spared the curse of "the winds of Panama". Other more familiar areas for Americans and Europeans such as Boquete and Volcan cannot make this claim. These high winds can play havoc on crops and are a general nuisance to deal with. We are fortunate to be in an enclave that is partially shielded from these high winds.
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The estate home and it's corresponding land is currently for sale, and will be offered as such for a limited period of time, after which if not sold, will be divided into custom individual portions and offered on a first come first served basis to select individuals (or groups of individuals) who would be a good fit for the goal of sustainability at Finca Cazador. 

Main Road to Finca Cazador - Click to Enlarge

The farm buildings include the estate home; a spacious two bedroom, three bath (full, ¾ bath & ½ bath) steel reinforced (1" rebar) poured concrete custom home with unparalleled views of the creek and valley. 

The Estate Home at Finca Cazador - Click to Enlarge
There is also a one-bedroom guest house which is currently available for rent; a large commercial work shop with an office and bathroom; workers quarters; a huge storage bodega burrowed 40 feet into the earth to provide controlled-temperature food storage.

The entire 12 acre community is fenced with a friendly security guard (homeowner helper) on site who can help you keep your trees and undergrowth trimmed or do other odd jobs for you, for a very small fee.

The existing electrical service is both 110 household and 220 125 Amp commercial grade. Solar power would be another option, if you would prefer to live off-the-grid.

Small individual farms are unique to Panama, and this area particularly.

This may be the only place in Panama that you will find small made-to-order slices of ready to occupy cool mountain real estate, with organic soil in pristine condition, including water, electricity and internet already in place, for this low of a cost.

Secondary Road - Click to Enlarge
The property is currently held in a Panamanian Corporation, and all purchasers will have full ownership and title to their land, as well as access to financial and tax consultation resources. 

Owners of land this close to the border need to hold their property in a Panamanian corporation, which is provided as part of your investment.

Properties may be combined and/or further divided (or shared) by the new owner(s).

Since this is a new project, early buyers will have virtually unlimited options to choose from, with regard to their property size and location. You can partner up with some of your like-minded friends or family and purchase a 1 acre property together, and build two houses on it (subject to some restrictions), if you like.

It's up to you.

In one of the larger towns nearby you can obtain a driver license, visit a well equipped modern clinic and have professional dental work performed for a fraction of the cost in the States.

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City Hall - Click to Enlarge
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Duty Free Store - Click to Enlarge

New Clinic Coming Soon - Click to Enlarge

Affordable bus service connects the nearby town of Rio Sereno with Volcan (about 45 minutes by car), David (about 1 1/2 hours by car) and other destinations within Panama. From David, a flight to Panama City costs around $100 and takes an hour.

The nearby pueblos maintain their rural feel, and their populations are hard working and family oriented. There are several restaurants, a gas station, a variety of stores for food and other supplies, and a flea market along the main street, open every day. Those stores offer a wide variety of clothing, hats, electronics and such.

Nearby Pueblo - Click to Enlarge

Special Advantages of Finca Cazador for Expatriats and Retirees
Retirees or others with a pension can take advantage of Panama's  "Pensionado" program, which offers qualified residents generous discounts on everything from movie theater tickets to restaurants to airline tickets. Add that to the fact that Panama is one of the only remaining countries that does not tax foreign-earned income, and you have a unique recipe for a quality lifestyle, at a very affordable cost.

Your individual organic farm parcel purchase includes the cost to set up an official Panamanian S.A. Company (to hold your land), a Panamanian Bank Account, and direct access to a Panamanian Immigration Lawyer & Tax Specialist!
Those who are seeking a safe harbor for their income and assets can benefit from the generous tax laws and lower costs in Panama. Holding property in a Panamanian Corporation provides security, and makes it easy for individuals to share ownership with their other like minded friends by issuing shares of the Corporation to them. It also makes it much easier to sell your acreage if you ever want to do that.

Revitalized Soil Conditions - Click to Enlarge

Is Finca Cazador the perfect location for you?
Buyers at Finca Cazador are getting more than just an organic farm where the soil has been reclaimed and revitalized to it's natural condition, ideal for growing crops of all kinds.

Buyers here will be part of a sustainable community of fun, like-minded individuals who want to live a clean sustainable life surrounded by other people who appreciate the organic nature of the land and who desire to live a secure, sustainable lifestyle in a beautiful cool tropical organic farm setting.

Strategic location and unique topography

No matter where you are located, it will become increasingly important to be aware of ongoing earth changes and prepare for them as best you can. That was one of the drivers when we built this farm and located it where we did.

Another very important factor in sustainability is how the farm is situated with regard to the nearby dormant Volcan Baru, which last erupted in 1550, and the Costa Rica border. Geological activity is likely to increase as time goes on, and preparing for these changes in the earth, can help you survive and prosper in a time when others might not be so fortunate.

Santa Clara Far Left, Baru in Square to Right

As the earth continues to change, crust movement will open fractures that may cause increased volcanic activity. Studies conducted by the USGS show that Santa Clara, La Union and other areas northwest of Baru are not likely to be affected nearly as much as the areas south and east of the volcano, such as Volcan and Boquete. Also, the farm is far away from the Baru, at a higher elevation than many other towns, and sheltered by another mountain range.

Area Around Volcan Baru - Click to Enlarge

Being close to Costa Rica has many benefits, such as excellent deep sea fishing. Also, having many different routes to and from the area is essential, as opposed to somewhere like Boquete where there is only one way in and one way out.

At Finca Cazador you are not an outsider!
The driving visionary behind Finca Cazador has, over the last 12 years, built a reputation with the local community here, and is well liked and respected by the local residents. That means you are not viewed as an intruder, but rather a welcome addition to their community.

Personal safety in any foreign country depends to a large extent on how you view (and are viewed by) the local community, so ideal candidates for organic farm portion ownership here will want to be friendly to the indigenous people. Good relations with the native population is an important security strategy that we highly encourage and support.

One of Several Local Restaurants - Click to Enlarge
Importantly, the owner also has made personal and professional connections with many local (and not so local) high quality service providers, that come automatically with Finca Cazador small organic farm acreage ownership. When moving to a new location, contacts become vital resources, and you will have access to all of ours.

Going it alone can be risky, and trying to create what is being offered here from scratch, would cost a tremendous amount of time and money.

We know what it is like to build a retreat or vacation home in a foreign country, and you can lean on our expertise and guidance. Anyone who has tried to buy land in Panama can attest to the fact that the process can be long and frustrating. In addition to the "maƱana time" mentality that is prevalent here, which can add months to any purchase or development plan, a large number of 'deals' that look good initially either change adversely during the course of the agreement, or fall apart completely.

At Finca Cazador, the hard part (acquisition of the land and installation of the infrastructure) has already been done for you.

The main guiding social, political, or spiritual philosophy driving Finca Cazador is the maintenance and preservation of this clean, natural organic Panama farmland. We are simply portioning individually owned, sustainable organic small farms from a larger organic coffee plantation, that will be subdivided among like-minded (sustainability oriented) people to build long lasting security and safety for them and their loved ones.

 Nearby Lake and Valley - Click to Enlarge

Additional Points to Consider:
  • The property is within walking distance of the Costa Rican border for those who like deep sea fishing and other beach adventures.
  • It is in a rural area, yet only 90 minutes to a large town with an International airport. Again, a great feature, especially while it is still relatively easy to travel.
  • It is also the county seat, with a new clinic, large police station and other government functions nearby (car registration and licensing, university extension campus, etc.)
  • Temperatures are ideal all year round with just the right amount of sun and rain. You can live without the expense of heating and cooling systems in our community.
  • Finca Cazador is near a very large International park / preserve for adventurous nature lovers.
  • You benefit from the founding visionary's nearly 20 years experience visiting and living in Panama, twelve of those years on this property.
  • Each individual property is very bio-diverse with healthy, revitalized soil conditions, ideal for growing food of all varieties, without depending on chemical fertilization.
Contact us by email to get more information about how you can purchase a parcel here and enjoy the benefits of living a sustainable organic lifestyle for a fraction of the cost of other locations.