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Buying a home in Panama?

Purchase the Estate Home and Guest House on Five Acres

Estate Home - Click to Enlarge
The estate home, a spacious 3,000 square foot 2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath fortified structure, is custom built out of reinforced poured concrete (10" to 18" thick walls reinforced with 1" rebar), has an attached 350 square foot garage, a 1,000 square foot shop and a 450 square foot bodega excavated into the earth.

Whole Community Layout - Click to Enlarge
On the map above, the estate home and rental unit are located just to the left of the creek that runs through the center of the property, on the main road that circles the community.

Guest House (or rental) - Click to Enlarge
The creek runs down the south side of the estate home, with 20 old growth trees in the side yard. Both the estate home and the guest house are adjacent to the main road for easy access, and the guest house is fully equipped and suitable for your guests or domestic help.

Main Road Into Finca Cazador - Click to Enlarge
The entire property has multiple varieties of organic citrus trees, platanos, coffee, cacao, avocados, papaya, guanabana and mamones on it. You can literally drop a seed on the ground and watch it grow.

The soil here has been "super-vitalized" over the last 10 years, and lends itself perfectly to perma-culture farming designs, and growing food of all varieties without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides which, in the future, may become cost prohibitive or unavailable altogether.

If you are looking to create your own space on a more modest slice of organic land, see our other options.

Early buyers have the option of custom creating their land dimensions and location, as the property has not yet been divided up. A single dwelling or two structures can be built on one individual acre, so the investment can be shared among others in your circle.

If you are interested in purchasing the estate home and guest house, please give us a call or send us an email.