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Looking for land with water and electric in Panama?

"Finca Cazador offers a unique affordable opportunity to live a clean organic lifestyle, surrounded by tropical forest splendor high in the mountains of  western Panama, without having to invest time and money in water or electric infrastructure"

Private Organic Farm Acreage for Sale in a Cool Tropical Mountain Off Grid Community

We call ourselves an off the grid community, but we do have water, electricity, internet and wireless access, and trash pickup.

What we are is a sustainable organic community seeking like-minded individuals or groups to join us in living a healthy, organic, sustainable life free from the complications, and growing expense, of living in the western world. Something folks in these parts call "Pura Vida."

Finca Cazador is taking reservations for select individuals or groups of individuals who would like to purchase their own small sustainable organic farm acreage, in Panama, to build a family retreat or vacation home on, or to hold as an investment.

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There are currently 3 options to choose from if you want to buy at Finca Cazador:

Option 1: Purchase the Estate Home and Guest House on 5 acres

Call or email us for pricing this option.

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Option 2: Purchase the Estate Home and Guest House on a Single Acre or More

Purchase the Executive Home and guest house on a one acre, or larger, parcel of land but less than 5 acres.

Call or email us for pricing this option.

Purchase your own organic sustainable farm acreage of a size you determine, based on our square meter pricing, and build a single house or multiple homes (up to 2 per acre, subject to restrictions) of any size on it, now or anytime in the future, or hold it as an investment. 

Call or email us for pricing this option.

Why Finca Cazador and why now? 

The state of the western economies of the world are quickly changing, and many people are looking for a place to live free from constantly tightening laws that restrict freedom of movement and expression. 

Others want to live a healthy organic lifestyle for less money, and grow their own organic fruit and vegetables to support good health and long life in a beautiful sustainable organic environment. 

Still others want to build a family retreat, in an off grid community, to insulate them from the effects of inflation, and grow food for survival. Some simply want to diversify their assets for financial protection.

Why are we selling?

Unforeseen personal issues are forcing this sale. The founding visionary wants to cash out an ex-partner's interest in the farm. He intends to remain on, or nearby the farm indefinitely, to continue to provide forward development assistance to the community.

Whatever your reason for wanting to change locations, purchasing land and building a vacation home or full time retreat at Finca Cazador offers a unique opportunity to prosper and express yourself in ways reminiscent of the past in America and other parts of the world that were once less restrictive and stressful.

The advantages are many...

Truly organic and sustainable  

The land here at Finca Cazador has been diligently improved and super-vitalized to nature's original organic condition. 

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In addition to nearly 12 years of painstaking natural soil improvement and enhancement techniques, and using only natural soil enhancement products, the developer of this land even refused to use any petroleum based equipment in the early years when soil reparations were beginning. Because of this, Finca Cazador enjoys some of the best, if not THE BEST bio-diverse growing conditions in all of Panama! Ideal for perma-culture.

Why is organic soil so important?

Nearly all the available land in Panama, unfortunately, has been sprayed (often for many generations) with petrochemical based fertilizers and pesticides, in order to maximize crop yields and increase production.

This practice has, in effect, killed off all the beneficial vital nutrients in the soil, rendering it worthless without the addition of these toxic substances.

When the time comes that petrochemical additives are either 1) extremely expensive or 2) not available at all, that polluted land will not produce a thing, and will become useless for growing food.

The soil at Finca Cazador is revitalized and totally organic.

The soil here is black and rich with an aroma that only healthy organic soils can produce, and on some parts of the farm the topsoil is ten feet deep!

That was no accident!

When this farm was purchased 12 years ago, we began a tedious and expensive process of revitalization, using natural organic matter to slowly and gradually rebuild the nutrient content of the soil. In addition, many legumes and other nitrogen supplying plants were added to the soil to further aid in photosynthesis and the nutrient building process. 

At Finca Cazador, we have never used chemicals, so your land will provide food security even in the event of an increase in price or shortage of oil-based chemicals.


This part of the country gets plenty of rain, but not so much as to be a bother.

The whole farm is serviced by a private water well, that can easily furnish clear fresh drinking water, under sufficient pressure and volume for the entire community.

The northernmost (left of the creek on the map) part of the farm has a five-step drip irrigation system that was installed approximately 7 years ago, at a cost of more than $12,000, and municipal water is also available. And, of course, the creek runs through the middle of the property, as well. 

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 In addition to our well, there is municipal water available and we are currently working with the local agricultural office to take part in water provided for free for irrigation. That water comes from high in the mountains, and will be delivered to our farms under significant pressure.

With weather patterns changing, water security will become increasingly important to those preparing a family retreat or vacation home.

No need to be concerned about having an adequate supply of this precious resource here, as we have a redundant water supply!

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This part of Panama has great weather

There are no hurricanes. The last one was in 1969! There are very few earthquakes. And, at this cool elevation your farm would be way out of reach for any high tide scenarios.

On or off the grid community electric supply

Electric service to the farm is 110V or 220V 125Amp commercial, and will be available for all residents. Solar and hydroelectric would be other options, as well, for living off the grid completely.

Outstanding value and other important features of Finca Cazador

Early applicants will be able to take advantage of the best pricing that will ever be available, and have the most flexibility as to farm configuration and size. Individual organic farm portions will be priced at a very reasonable cost per acre, initially. The purchase price also includes co-ownership in the water company that will serve the community.

The price also includes all components of the existing infrastructure - Water, electricity and property (road) access as well as the necessary Panamanian Corporation to hold the property in.  

All these sustainability components are already in place. 

All you need to do is get here and build your shelter. And we are here to help in that process.

Unlike having to take years to get the necessary permits, build a well and install a holding tank and pump, these are already provided for you in the purchase price.

Building your shelter or family retreat at Finca Cazador is easy

Building a shelter can be accomplished very quickly here, due to a wide assortment of commonly used construction materials and techniques. It can also be extremely affordable, and the process to get the required building approvals is relatively painless, compared to most other countries.

We've done most of the hard work already

When you buy your own reclaimed-soil custom configured sustainable organic farm property you'll be able to build a house of your choosing AND get a Panamanian Corporation to hold everything in, AND setup a Panamanian Bank Account AND get access to our Attorney and Tax Accountant, all for a very reasonable cost. 

If you want to make moving here more affordable yet, bring a few of your like minded friends or family with you, and you can split the cost, and build two houses on a single acre (subject to our approval).

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Almost anything grows at this cool elevation 

Beans, corn, tomatoes, peppers and squash are grown in this region as well as avocado and citrus. Let your imagination be your guide as almost anything will grow organically here. You can even grow pineapples, they just take a little longer to mature and are very sweet!

Most areas of the property contain a very nice mixture of organic platanos, coffee and cacao plants. If you want your farm to generate a small residual income, the founding visionary of Finca Cazador will buy all the coffee, cacao and platanos your farm produces. 

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Best of all, you will be surrounded by fantastic people of like mind, who not only care about you and will protect you and others in the community, but who also have made a commitment to keeping the land organic, clean and sustainable for years to come.

Pura Vida!