Thursday, February 22, 2018

Fresh Food in the Cool Tropical Mountains of Panama

This time of year I am reminded of how lucky I am to live in an agricultural area, as opposed to a big city.

Not only is it much cooler up here in the mountains, and the air is much cleaner, the food is fantastic!

Although Chiriqui province is considered to be the "breadbasket" of Panama (most of the food in Panama comes from this area), there's nothing quite like living in the heart of Chiriqui, near where all that fresh food is grown.

Some of the things I enjoy most are the fresh grass fed cheeses, straight from a local dairy and sold for $4 a pound or less.

Avocados, high in fiber and vitamins, are also plentiful in this area. Some of them are so large that the pit is nearly the size of a typical red apple! You can easily make guacamole from the fruit then use the oversized outer shell as a dish for it.

The meat here is also extremely fresh. It is not uncommon to run into the local farmer that raised the animal at one of the many markets, delivering freshly cut chicken, pork or beef.

There are also several restaurants in the area, and more are popping up every day. Most of them source their ingredients locally, so you know the food you are eating is as fresh as possible.

Compared to living where fast food restaurants litter the landscape, and most of the produce is irradiated and shipped in weeks before they are ripened, this place encourages good health and vitality...naturally.

This platano tree fell down, so we will use these fruits for barter or to feed the toucans in the area. Not to worry, there are hundreds of trees just like this one still standing on the farm. And when one falls down, a baby one sprouts up immediately to take it's place.

And then, of course there's the organic coffee....

If you'd like to break away from the hectic lifestyle predominant in the big cities, come take a tour of our farm. You might just like it enough to stay!


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