Friday, January 5, 2018

Living the Good Life in Panama - Construction Update

Construction is now complete on the first home at Finca Cazador. The process was very simple, and went like clockwork.

The house is situated on a hill, about 150 feet above the road into Finca Cazador. The views are fantastic from here, and the breezes are fresh and frequent. Pretty much ideal conditions weather-wise.

On this land we grow, coffee, cacao (cocoa), platanos, avocados and soon we will be growing guanabana and citrus as well.

The project was a labor of love. The efforts of the homeowner himself, his trusty mentor and previous owner of the land, one main Panamanian general contractor, and an amazing crew of young Panamanian workers, made this project such a success.

Despite weather delays, which were few, and the holiday festivities that take place in October and November, the crew was able to complete this project in just about one year, start to finish.

The end result?

A very comfortable retreat located on a bio-diverse piece of organic mountain farmland, sustainable into the future with water, electricity and an endless supply of healthy organic food, incredible views and fresh clean air.

Who could ask for anything more?


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