Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Work Continues on First Community Home

It's been a while since we posted last on the progress of this, the first home to be built in the sustainable organic community we call Finca Cazador.

This super sturdy house is just one example of what can be done with the right crew and a solid plan. On your property you might want to build something similar, or completely different. It's up to you.

After pouring the floor, the next step was to frame in the walls. Much of the framing was already in place because of the posts, but there were additional horizontal frame pieces built to accommodate the sliding glass door frames that will run across the front of the house.

 The 4x4 posts and the connecting steel provided an exact fit for the glass door frames, as well as a strong place to hang the roll-down security doors that will cover the outside of the glass doors when the owner is away.

Next, the walls were erected between the posts and around the vertical frame members. The walls were created from 4" M2 (pronounced emi-dos) and welded into place using locating pins made from rebar.

Electric was run throughout the house and held in place behind the M2 wire, as well as the plumbing to the shower. The rest of the plumbing will be run under the floor, for easy access. This is only possible because the entire structure is off the ground, in a style commonly used here called 'tumbo' style.

Then, the m2 was covered with a mix of cement and sand called rapello. The windows were cut before the rapello was applied, with force, onto the walls.

This was the most time intensive part of the project to this point. Rapello application is an art, and the crew did a fantastic job. First a scratch coat is applied. Then, once that has dried, a smooth coat is applied.

Walls are done and now we're ready to install the security doors.

The installation was a success, meaning the measurements were correct and the doors were hung straight and plumb for perfect functioning. The process consisted of a one day evaluation and a follow up installation appointment. 

The crew showed up on time and ready to work, which was amazing, considering they had to drive up to the farm from 3 hours away, in the rain.

The door frames were installed next using large lag bolts directly into the steel posts.

Meanwhile, the plans were being drawn up for a screened porch for outside eating, off the main room. A wrought iron security enclosure was designed to provide an impenetrable place to attach the metal screen material.

The owner wanted to bring in a tree theme, and he designed the enclosure to reflect the beauty of the surrounding area.

Windows were installed, and the three custom hand made doors and door frames were treated with insect-proof protection, then oiled to bring out the natural grain.

A hand made steel security door was built that matched the outdoor patio enclosure, and installed on the main entrance. While the paint was drying, the front door was installed.

The sliding doors were installed, and a coat of paint applied to the interior walls to add some color.

The end result will be a small but comfortable sturdy home, with a spacious patio (and great room) offering fantastic views of the surrounding tropical forest and hills.

Next, the entire area will be cleaned up, and some landscaping will be done.

Stay tuned!


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