Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sustaining Life in a Divided World

There's no question, we are officially divided along a multitude of fronts.

The most obvious and far reaching division today, at least in American society, seems to be along political lines. There are far left leaning liberals and far right leaning conservatives, and they rarely get along or feel they should have to compromise.

There are "centrists" who appear to be more moderate in their views about how the world works and how it should be run, but still grasp incessantly at any opportunity to bash "the other side" anytime they don't act in accordance with their values and ideals.

Last but not least there are libertarians who believe in a smaller constitutional government and more individual freedom, and that both of the major political "parties" are really just a different way of executing the same overall goal of expanding the state.

Those on the left accuse those on the right of being uncaring and callous. Those on the right consider the left leaning crowd to be whiners and weaklings.

Neither side cares much for the libertarians, and would like nothing better than for them to just go away.

What starts out as a pleasant conversation between co-workers can rapidly turn into an ugly battle for control and acceptance. Friends can instantly become enemies. Common sense seems to magically disappear out the window the moment politics enters the room.

One thing everyone paying attention to political events seems to have in common, including us if we are participating in it, is the need to feel superior in some way to your fellow man.

But, do we really need to take sides?

Is it possible not to care about politics in a world where, on a daily basis, it dominates the news and much of the media? Do we, as individuals, actually need to choose sides in a conflict where we really have little or no influence, personally?

Are there alternatives to swallowing our daily dose of political maneuvering, plundering and backstabbing?

Yes, there are. I can tell you that if you turn off the programming (TV), and get back to nature, it is quite possible to have a beautiful life without all the stress and conflict.

You see, in nature, all things work together. There's no conflict, because there's no need to be right. All things have their place in the fabric of life, and there are no higher and lower quality creatures. Everything has a place in the natural world, and one creature does not feel the need to criticize or oppose another.

I suspect that eventually nature will force us humans to focus on truly important things, rather than trivial issues presented as critical by the media.

Until then, if you've been looking for a place to go to get away from the stress and conflict present in so much of what makes up life today in America, get back to nature. Go to the woods and have a picnic. Take a vacation at the beach or go to a foreign country you've always wanted to visit.

Get a dose of nature when your perspective gets out of whack. You'll be a better person, and able to see your fellow man not as your enemy, but as an integral part of the bigger picture.


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