Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Community is Growing!

We broke ground on the first new home here in our off grid organic community. The new owner is excited to be starting the process, and has been on site for much of the time to provide input and ideas.

First a road had to be cut from the secondary road that feeds that part of the property. It was a one-day event, and the cost was less than a good meal for two in most of the U.S.

Next, material was brought in by truck and unloaded by hand onto the dirt road in order to provide a surface suitable for driving on when wet, and strong enough to survive the rain and reduce the possibility of unwanted erosion.

The process so far has been quite easy, with the help of the contractor Luis and his connections, as well as the founder of the community himself. Things go a lot smoother when you know someone who is in a position to help pave the way for you, and everyone connected with the construction planning and fabrication has been very professional and courteous.

The view from this particular farm is amazing, and the breezes are cool and refreshing. Birds and butterflies are abundant and this acre and a half farm is situated in an area that will provide plenty of privacy even when the farm community is completely sold out.

The house is a one story steel and concrete house "tumbo" style, which means it will be off the ground to optimize air movement in and around the home. The foundation consists of twenty steel posts, sunk 5-7 feet into the ground, covered and filled with concrete. The floor and roof will be supported by this integrated foundation.

So far, everything is going as planned, and will be a very affordable, yet unique first home in the community. It is expected to take another month or so to complete, and when it is finished the new owner will be able to take in the view from an expansive front patio area.

We're excited to see the community grow and we know the new resident will be very happy with the home as well as the low cost and quick time to build it.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of home ownership in our organic farm community, send us an email or give us a call and leave a message.


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